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The Working World is a non-profit that gives people in developing countries the resources to build their own economic lives.

We believe in the tools of microfinance and economic democracy as an engine to alleviate poverty, create sustainable development, and empower the powerless.

The Next Evolution in Microcredit
The Working World:La Base has developed a method to take the success of microcredit and extend it beyond the cottage and into the heart of the industrial economy, allowing us to offer a whole range of new possibilities to the poor and directly take on the sweatshop economy.
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Worker's Bazaar
The Working World also provides a fair-trade marketplace for the products of these worker-run businesses, creating a new space for producers and consumers to connect.
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Our Method
Adapting microcredit to the realm of industrial economic activity has required La Base to develop new methods to ensure successful loan projects with real social impact. It has also given us the opportunity to take advantage of economies of scale and perform in ways traditional microfinance institutions cannot.
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About Microcredit
What is microcredit? Microcredit is one of the most powerful ideas in the world of development, and it has had a revolutionary impact on the way economic interactions are conceived.
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Microcredit Overview
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About Cooperatives
What is democratic worker control? How does it work? Is it actually practical? Cooperatives -- democratic work places -- can work even better than traditional businesses, and they offer unprecedented potential for development, both as an avenue for workers to build high quality jobs, and also as a workshop to greatly improve human capital.
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