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Cooperativa Avanzada de Troilo

Project with Cooperativa Avanzada de Troilo
Line of credit to buy feeder pigs, food, and medicine.
The Cooperativa Avazada de Troilo is an agricultural cooperative with years of experience in production. Its primary mission has always been to improve the living conditions of its members. A group of seven coop members came up with the idea of building a facility for raising and selling pigs. They plan to start with a small number of pigs and grow the their stock slowly as the business grows. The group has little experience with this more technical, but the members are optimistic that it will be a success. It will also be a good way to take advantage of by-products of the harvest. With this loan, the group will buy two-month-old pigs, food, and all the necessary medicine for five months of feeding. The members are very excited about this project because it represents an alternative source of income. It is also on of the few activities they do that will not be affected by pesticides and other products used by the massive sugar refineries that have been expanding in the region.
NameCooperativa Avanzada de Troilo
Signing DateOctober 31, 2012
Loan AmountAR$46,903
Repayment Schedule

From Cooperativa Avanzada de Troilo on Jul 16:
La cooperativa ha vendido todos los cerdos y pagado el prestamo.

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