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Other Loans with Esperanza:
03/12 - 04/15


Project with Esperanza
The cooperative's first loan, for the purchase of rolls of fabric, allowing them to save on inputs in the amount.
Esperanza is a textile cooperative in Partido San Martin. They've been operating for a year and a half and have managed to give regular withdrawals for for part-time jobs for 16 people in the neighborhood (14 women seamstresses and 2 men who do sales). They now have some machines but are limited by their location (a section of the house of the president's mother), a location that has the advantage of being free but the disadvantage of being very small, forcing the seamstresses to rotate stations (while others work from home while raising their children). They are currently asking us for a loan so they can buy rolls of winter sports fabric. Buying in rolls (instead of in kilos) will allow them to get a much better price than what they currently get, and furthermore will allow them to have raw material available for continued production instead of having to wait for sales before they can afford to buy inputs, which is their situation now.
Signing DateMarch 23, 2012
Loan AmountAR$7,483
Repayment Schedule

From Esperanza on Dec 26:
On time
El lunes visité a Noemí, la presidenta de la cooperativa

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