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Cooperativa Tininiska R.L

Project with Cooperativa Tininiska R.L
Cash register and propaganda to organize and to increase sales in shop naturist.
It is a cooperative that gives services of therapies,workshops of art,yoga,drawings,paintings,tae kwon do between others.They have a small shop of natural madicines,where they sell,in addition food,coffee,honeys and crafts.They were formers three years ago,they have been growing little by little and have learned like to handle a solid business being responsable and aplied.Though that they have faced some problems in his development this year, they have managed to be autosustanaible and and feel that there has come the moment to grow fhutermore and to do an investment in the shop that will fulfill with the demand of his clients and will generate a major profit to the cooperative besides improving his reputation. The majority of his members are women enthusiasts and dedicated his chairwoman is Leonor Delgado who occupies this post for the second year in a row The this very well organized cooperative and they want to invest in purchase of medicines what it will increase the stock that they handle now. It is for this that they need to do a small investment that incluided one schemes cash register and production of steering wheels for ends of advertising. This will come to helping to the image of the shop and taking a better control of the products that offer and to offer a qualit service to his clients with receipts sent by the cash register. The advertising will help to increase and attracting so much local as not resident clients in the zone, what it will increase his sales of great way.
NameCooperativa Tininiska R.L
Signing DateJanuary 30, 2012
Loan AmountAR$3,090
Repayment Schedule

From Cooperativa Tininiska R.L on Jan 31:
On time
El calendario para este prestamo es identico al otro prestamo de Tininiska (#782). Asi, solo vamos a seguir los pasos y escribir logs para el otro prestamo.

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