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Other Loans with Asociacion de Mujeres Cristianas de Subtiava:
01/12 - 05/12

Asociacion de Mujeres Cristianas de Subtiava

Project with Asociacion de Mujeres Cristianas de Subtiava
Buy raw material to do cloth bags and comply two orders.
Christian women´s association is a group formed from the social problems faced by many women and teens. Is now a legally constituted group. Is a group that is in others communities in the country. The project goal is create a capacity center and production giving job alternatives and teaching to the women trades in the which they can work once learned. They can use the opportunity of have the machinery and knowledge. They want begin a business to create a market where they can sell then products that members are doing. Now, they are teaching to 30 students but they have given support to 80 students in the time. they plan to initiate wiht 2 secure orders and they need funding.
NameAsociacion de Mujeres Cristianas de Subtiava
Signing DateJanuary 18, 2012
Loan AmountAR$3,511
Repayment Schedule

From Asociacion de Mujeres Cristianas de Subtiava on Mar 22:
La Asociacion pagó una parte del prestamoa la Base. Los pedidos fueron entregados a los clientes. Posiblemente pagaran hoy el resto.

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