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Cooperativa Concepción Jirón Sanchez

Project with Cooperativa Concepción Jirón Sanchez
This investment will provide the necessary capital to design and produce new packaging, ultimately allowing the cooperative to participate in larger, more competitive markets.
Just a year ago, the Cooperativa Concepción Jirón Sanchez decided to invest in new packaging for two of its more popular cereal products: pinolillo and pinol. In just six months, sales for these two products skyrocketed by more than 150%. The new packaging made it possible to export these products and sell in supermarket chains throughout Central America. Now, we want to make another product available for export. Our investment of U$5,000 will provide the necessary capital to design and produce new packaging for a third product, semilla de jicaro, allowing the cooperative to expand its role in international markets and sustain the growth it has experienced over the last five years.
NameCooperativa Concepción Jirón Sanchez
Signing DateJanuary 15, 2012
Loan AmountAR$110,000
Repayment Schedule

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