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Cooperativa Los Maribios

Project with Cooperativa Los Maribios
This investment will provide all equipment necessary to start producing and selling honey on an industrial scale.
The beekeepers of Chacra Seca have been collecting honey from wild hives for over 14 years. Now, they will collectively manage their own set of 30 box hives. For the first time, they will control process of production and in doing so, provide a more secure income for themselves and their families. Our investment of up to U$3,675 includes virtually all start-up costs. We will finance five active, fully functioning box hives, which will be used to establish the apiary. The other 25 box hives will be built by the cooperative and colonized through an innovative capturing technique adapted by Saturnino Vivas, President of coop's Board of Directors. The loan also includes all extraction tools, storage barrels, packaging, and chemical treatment for the hives. And to supplement their years of experience as honey gatherers, the mayor's office of Leon will be providing technical support. This loan has the potential to propel this group of 14 workers into the fast-growing Nicaraguan honey industry, which produces some of the highest quality honey in the world.
NameCooperativa Los Maribios
Signing DateJune 17, 2011
Loan AmountAR$80,866
Repayment Schedule

From Cooperativa Los Maribios on Jan 14:
On time
El préstamo ha sido cancelado en su totalidad. Nos vamos a reunir con la coop la siguiente semana.

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