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Cooprocesonic R.L.

Project with Cooprocesonic R.L.
An investment for the printing of 360,000 bags with the cooperative's new collective brand on them.
In Nicaragua, cereals are an important part of the national diet, both for their gastronomic qualities, as well as a sign of national identity. Currently the overall market is shared between one enormous processor (Sasa), and many smaller producers. This coop is a conglomeration of 14 already existing producers who want to be able to launch themselves into the next level of sales (potentially exporting) by combining their collective production capacity under a collective brand called Molinillo. The coop has an opportunity right now to receive 360,000 printed bags with their brand name donated by the Millenium Challenge Account. However they have to put up the money for part of the printing. They already have market contacts who say that as soon as they have the product in hand, there is a good possibility for accessing large orders. This credit allows them to receive the bags, unleashing their sales potential.
NameCooprocesonic R.L.
Signing DateMay 1, 2011
Loan AmountAR$12,210
Repayment Schedule

From Cooprocesonic R.L. on Nov 19:
On time
Roger abono al préstamo

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