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Martín Fierro

Project with Martín Fierro
Loan for the purchase of various materials required for the timely completion of work of the cooling chambers of BAUEN. This loan will advance the inputs and with the final payment the cooperative will be able to realize the return.
The cooperative Martin Fierro has been establishing links in the world of Social Economy. They have already realized two successful jobs that came out of those connections. To realize them they asked La Base for help. in this case the cooperative BAUEN asked them for a new cooling chamber to be installed in a hotel. The loan is for the purchase of the materials and the necessary equipment for the project. The loan is also expected to capitalize the cooperative and increase the cooperative salaries ("retiros"). The times are very short and agreed between the parties. The risks are minor and the work is going to be realized in a period of one week. The cooperative already has a lot of experience with projects like those.
NameMartín Fierro
Signing DateMarch 30, 2010
Loan AmountAR$5,870
Repayment Schedule

From Martín Fierro on May 13:
On time
Pasó jorge a pagar los intereses que faltaban y con esto se cierra el préstamo.

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