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Martín Fierro

Project with Martín Fierro
The cooperative offered the work of a cooling chamber to another cooperative and won the bid. In order to do the work they need to finance materials. As the bid is paid by the State, billing arrangements are not with the cooperative but with the Ministry of Labour.
Martin Fierro recently realized a similar loan with La Base, but it was not national state that was involved. That loan worked as planned in a timely manner. In this case the Cooperativa Icecoop-Iriarte Verde needs a cooling chamber to store the food it sells. The work is financed by the Ministry and the times, forms and amounts were agreed between the three parties. The project has low risks. The main one is the delay in the timing of administrative and bureaucratic issue by the state at different stages of the project. With this project Martin Fierro continues to consolidate by increasing their accumulated capital and strengthening their labor practices. This project is part of a various capital loans to enhance the growth of the cooperative.
NameMartín Fierro
Signing DateFebruary 3, 2010
Loan AmountAR$12,979
Repayment Schedule

From Martín Fierro on Mar 3:
Antes de lo previsto cancelaron el préstamo

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