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Martín Fierro

Project with Martín Fierro
A short loan for the purchase of the necessary parts and equipment so the cooperative can repair an installation in a rabbit slaughterhouse. The repair was requested in the budget of the Municipality of Moreno as part of its rural development plan.
Martín Fierro is a business that has just made an important professional transformation. They are now leading capacitation workshops to incorporate new members into the cooperative, as well as to capacitate people from other fields that could later do work exchanges with the cooperative. Between the fumigations and the air-condition installations they have consistent work, but refrigeration and other more specific jobs continue to be their major profit margin. They have also in the past months built their own website and organized the business's administration. This loan is very short-term, as it will be used to buy equipment for a cooling installation (cold-storage room); the labor will take 10 days, and since they won a contract from the Municipality of Moreno, they will be able to collect for the work shortly after finishing. As they had not predicted an extra job of this magnitude, they did not have sufficient capital ready to realize it. In principal, they will need $8000 for the job. This will be returned in a maximum of 24 days; as such, the interest paid is quite small. The possible risks are related primarily with the climate, which could delay the work by a few days, and the Municipal payments. On this second point, there has been a commitment from both sides to do everything possible for a quick resolution.
NameMartín Fierro
Signing DateDecember 18, 2009
Loan AmountAR$8,000
Repayment Schedule

From Martín Fierro on Jan 8:
On time
Se confirma el final de obra y cancelan el prestamo.

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