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Huesitos de Wilde


Project with Huesitos de Wilde
This is the change of 17 checks which add up to $13.401. The cash will be used to purchase 10 tons of leather, plus salaries. ALthough we have worked with Huesitos for some years, this would be the first time where they use a cash line.
It began operating in october 2007. The cooperative Huesitos de Wilde Ltda. is a recovered factory that emerged from bankruptcy of a company dedicated to pets entertainment products, mainly bones and sticks. The workers met with the mayor of Abellaneda and decided to call the most important workers to form a cooperative. Out of 130 workers that were part of the former company, 28 joined many of which were people with key positions in supervision and administration. Currently 20 of them are working and additional 5 are on trial. They own the machinery because they bought it at an auction. This is cashing of 17 checks amounting to 13.401 pesos. The cash will be used to purchase 10 tons of leather and for distribution of cooperative salaries ("retiros"). Although we have been working with Huesitos de Wilde for years, this is the first time we are doing check cashing for them.
NameHuesitos de Wilde
Signing DateAugust 20, 2009
Loan AmountAR$13,402
Repayment Schedule

From Huesitos de Wilde on Sep 10:
On time
Sin novedades en cuanto al proyecto

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