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Huesitos de Wilde


Project with Huesitos de Wilde
It is a 27,440 peso loan to buy 28 tons of leather to produce toy bones and sticks. The idea is that they will get 8,4 dry tons out of the 28 tons that they can sell.
The Cooperativa Huesitos de Wilde Ltda. is a recovered factory, one of many abandoned factories that have been reorganized as a workers' cooperative. The cooperative makes a variety of treats for dogs. Huesitos is currently producing aproximately 20 tons of leather every 15 days, which turn into 6 tons of dy leather, although they could increase it if there were demand through working extra hours and incorporating new workers. Until recently, the coop worked mostly worked as outsourced labour. When they realized this was not as profitable as they thought, they started selling by themsleves, and now see the possibility to improve the company's profitability. This is the third almost identical loan that La Base has done with Huesitos. The first two were completed very succesfully, and this one is seen as the opening of a new line of credit to be renewed every time there is demand and they have returned the previous one.
NameHuesitos de Wilde
Signing DateJune 2, 2009
Loan AmountAR$27,440
Repayment Schedule

From Huesitos de Wilde on Aug 14:
Con el pago de hoy se cierra el préstamo.

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