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Cooperativa de Producción Orgánica La Leonesa RL

Project with Cooperativa de Producción Orgánica La Leonesa RL
This investment will allow the cooperative to expand into a new market by creating a product that is not currently produced anywhere in Central America or Mexico: serving-size bags of honey. The current project is to finance the R&D necessary to determine the feasibility of this product. If results are positive, a second investment will be made for the equipment and raw materials necessary to begin production.
In Nicaragua and other poor countries, studies and experience show that the bulk of consumers buy goods in small quantities, usually just a single-serving. Although many consumers ultimately pay more for their goods in this fashion, being able to buy single-serving size quantities of anything from toilet paper to shampoo to vaseline to coffee enables them to make their purchases with their limited cash resources. Currently, La Leonesa is successfully marketing their 500 gram bottles of honey, but their sales are severely limited by the fact that they do not have a smaller package available to the mass market. For most Nicaraguans a U$0.15 bag of honey is much more accessible than a U$2.00 bottle. Currently, nobody else in the entire region even has the type of machinery necessary to make this product, so if they can be a successful first-mover there's a real potential to open up an entirely new market, not only on the national, but ultimately on the regional level as well. The machinery necessary could also be used to package ketchup, mayonnaise, shampoo and other viscous goods that increase the potential profitability of the plan. This loan is for the research necessary to determine if the product can be successfully produced and if launching production of a single-serving honey bag is a profitable investment. If the research indicates that its a good project, we will then make the much larger investment in the machinery, which is only produced in Asia, Europe and South America, and raw materials (specifically plastics imported from El Salvador) necessary to fully launch production.
NameCooperativa de Producción Orgánica La Leonesa RL
Signing DateMay 27, 2009
Loan AmountAR$6,940
Repayment Schedule

From Cooperativa de Producción Orgánica La Leonesa RL on Jan 8:
Aida, presidente, dice que llegan viernes a la oficina de La Base para pagar la cuota y cancelar esta deuda.

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