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Project with MacBody
Loan to finance the purchase of fabrics and confection of an important part of the winter collection, after which the coop will immediately go out to sell through its wholesale and retail channels. As the winter collection requires a greater investment due to the larger quantity of fabric needed and the greater complexity of the articles, the cooperative finds itself with a particular need for capital, with the ultimate goal being to avoid costly delays in production as the season grows near.
This loan is to provide the textile cooperative Mac Body with the capital to purchase fabrics and pay labor costs for the confection of a substantial portion of the clothing articles (particularly long-sleeve shirts for men and women) for the 2009 Winter Collection. Due to the general logic of the textile market, it is necessary to make a large investment during the summer season to ensure that at the start of the winter season all cold-weather articles are already on the shelves. As winter clothing is more expensive to produce, the start-up capital needed is greater. Moreover, providing wholesale clients with their clothing on time is important for good business. For these reasons, the coop needs to have as many articles as possible for the beginning of the season. On the other hand, the current economic crisis makes it quite difficult to predict sales for this year, for which reason this loan was prepared with special effort and care.
Signing DateFebruary 11, 2009
Loan AmountAR$30,645
Repayment Schedule

From MacBody on Aug 6:
On time
Se agrega transacción de condonación

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