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Martín Fierro

Project with Martín Fierro
Loan for the purchase of two air-conditioning units, which the cooperative will sell along with the services of installation and future repairs.
In the face of the large expense currently being incurred by the cooperative and its worker-owners, this loan intends to permit Martín Fierro to buy a few A/C units in advance, enabling them to both avoid troughs in the business cycle and dedicate what working capital they have to important construction works in the coop. Hopefully, with this loan Martín Fierro will be able to avoid any such troughs and will be able to make the most of the early-summer season, when A/C units are in high demand, both in workplaces and homes. Martín Fierro operates throughout a large area - all of Capital Federal and a large part of Greater Buenos Aires - and has a large potential for insertion in the market once it gains a greater name-recognition in the field. They currently have a few dozen clients, giving them a good level of work, but they still believe themselves to be well under capacity. They wish to further develop their niche in cooling and support this niche with various types of advertising that might help them expand the business. Owing to the potential of the coop and the time of year, it is hoped the cancellation of the loan will be even faster than the times set in the calendar.
NameMartín Fierro
Signing DateOctober 6, 2008
Loan AmountAR$3,660
Repayment Schedule

From Martín Fierro on Nov 7:
On time
La coop pagó una nueva cuota según lo planeado

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