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La toma del Sur

Project with La toma del Sur
Loan for the purchase of a piece of machinery, called a compressor, which will improve the fixed working capital owned by the cooperative. The possibility to buy this particular machine has arisen suddenly, and the combination of low price and good quality leads La toma to believe they should take advantage while they have the chance.
The purchase of the compressor is one of a number of investments La toma has been making of late to improve working capital and ultimately to increase the productive capacity of the cooperative. With their own savings they have already bought a machine facilitating the disassemblage of computers, and the compressor should function as a complementary to make this process even easier. As this process of capitalization has advanced, the cooperative has been getting more organized and more efficient. As such, the Working World views it important to continue supporting some of the coop´s longer-term projects. The exact impact of the purchase will be somewhat difficult to measure, as in addition to taking apart electronic apparatuses and extracting copper (which is currently their most profitable work), there is a good chance they will be able to better handle a wider range of machines, possibly extracting other metals that can be sold on the market. The rate at which the coop can repay the loan will in part depend on the extent to which productivity rises. This will be monitored in order to subsequently establish an appropriate return rate.
NameLa toma del Sur
Signing DateAugust 15, 2008
Loan AmountAR$700
Repayment Schedule

From La toma del Sur on Sep 12:
On time
Estaban en condiciones a pagar, y así cancelaron la tercera y ultima cuota del prestamo.

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