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Huesitos de Wilde


Project with Huesitos de Wilde
Loan to purchase an extrusion machine that will enable the cooperative to make dog treat sticks. The loan will allow them to begin the production of these treats in a recovered factory where they are already producing other types of dog treats. They have the good fortune to have two months of production material for this process.
The Cooperativa Huesitos de Wilde Ltda. is a recovered factory, one of many abandoned factories that have been reorganized as a workers' cooperative. The cooperative makes a variety of treats for dogs. After meeting with some of the workers with Intendente de Avellaneda, it was decided to convene a meeting of the most important workers of the business to form part of this cooperative. Of the approximately 130 workers that had participated in the last phase of Intendente de Avellaneda (there had been about 200), 28 workers from key management and administrative positions elected to form the new cooperative. After a battle of almost one year, the cooperative was legally sanctioned to begin business. Sine then they have only been able to grind leather that had remained before they began operations, and would be able to sell this in the form of dog treat sticks if they could purchase an extrusion maching. There is a large national and international market for this type of dog treat. They have an enormous amount of leather to grind (more than 40 tons) and this is the principal production material for these dog treats. This would enable the cooperative to produce the treats for a least two months at no costs, with the exception of the purchase of the extrusion machine. This project involves working jointly with La Base.
NameHuesitos de Wilde
Signing DateNovember 13, 2007
Loan AmountAR$6,000
Repayment Schedule

From Huesitos de Wilde on Mar 12:
On time
Pagaron la última cuota.

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