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Agencia Foto Latina Cooperativa de Fotografos

Project with Agencia Foto Latina Cooperativa de Fotografos
A loan that will be paid directly to the supplier that will permit the cooperative to more efficiently compete designs on order. The loan will be $3,000 pesos, and will be given directly to the supplier to provide the cooperative with an open and running account that will also provide the cooperative with a discount. Fotolatina will repay La Base a portion of the earnings from their work.
The four members of the cooperative have brought their finances up to date, they have been able to specify the capital to be paid to the supplier to permit them to work knowing the completion of their work will depend solely on their work, not on their ability to obtain working materials, and that they will also be able to obtain a significant discount. It will also simultaneously enable them increase their ability to project profits in order to offer discounts and offer sales promotions to better compete in the market. It is proposed that $3,000 pesos paid directly to the supplier will permit them to make up to 30,000 images at a cost of $100 pesos per image with a discount of something better than 15%. In the production process, this will amount will last for one month, andin this case it is proposed to make a similar loan with the same terms. With this support, they can avoid financial strictures the cooperative they had faced while production demand increased. The risks could be that the client will be slower than they anticipate in repaying the loan or that the automobile of the computer breaks, But it is unlikely that a relatively short loss of time will prevent them from timely repayment of the loan. The cycle of operations between the time supplies are received from the supplier until all payments are received from the client can be between 1 1/2 to 3 months. This creates the possibility of a cach flow problem for the cooperative. They continue to sustain positive perspective about the immediate future, and then know that decision making in a democratic horizontal manner, will help secure the self-sustainablility and propserity they are hoping for. Fotolatina is a well formed cooperative, some of the members have already left their jobs to become part of the project. They maintain ties with other cooperatives and organizations working in economic justice, which increases their perspective of self-sustaining democratically operated businesses within a larger frame of reference.
NameAgencia Foto Latina Cooperativa de Fotografos
Signing DateOctober 23, 2007
Loan AmountAR$3,000
Repayment Schedule

From Agencia Foto Latina Cooperativa de Fotografos on Jan 8:
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Respuesta de la cooperativa a la comunicación de condonación

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