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02/12 - 06/15

Third Root

Project with Third Root
Third Root is looking for a small investment to help repair the esthetics of their space that is suffering from daily wear and tear. This investment would not only help improve the look of the space but also help increase potential clientele.
This investment would substantially aid in the growth of Third Root by enhancing the professionalism of their space, which has been running consecutively for nearly 7 years. Third Root welcomes approximately 200 people into their space every week – which means a lot of wear and tear. Simple things like a new paint job, storefront improvements, esthetic upgrades will improve the overall health and vitality of their space, and will help them proudly invite new folks in.
NameThird Root
Signing DateJune 30, 2015
Loan AmountAR$2,000
Repayment Schedule

From Third Root on Jul 21:
On time
Check to pay Regency Glass company was mailed on 7/21/15.

USA: 228 Park Ave S / New York, NY - 10003 / Tel: +1-646-257-4144
Argentina: Talcahuano 215, 1B / 1013 - Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires / Tel: (+54-11) 4382-1520
Nicaragua: De Iglesia Recolección 3 cuadras al este, Casa #426 / Leon / Tel: +505-2311-4362
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