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Formerly unemployed,
these workers
shattered the myths
of the global economic
system and outperformed
their former

They and their colleagues
have become owners,
and they've proven the
world can work

The Working World: La Base Is Helping Them Do It

Development through democracy:
The next evolution in microcredit

La Base is extending the tools of microlending to groups of worker-owners, allowing us to assault the sweatshop economy in a way never before possible.

With small amounts of credit, La Base is helping other workers like these show that a better world is already possible.

Featured Loan
Project with Cooperativa Concepción Jirón Sanchez
This investment will provide the necessary capital to design and produce new packaging, ultimately allowing the cooperative to participate in larger, more competitive markets.
January 15, 2012

See our full list of current projects here.

Latest Events

June 6th, 2014: New website and other upcoming news
Yes, we're here and very busy! We have been working on many simultaneous fronts since we came out of our reorganizing period in the first half of 2013. Apart from the reactivation of our loaning activity to unprecedented levels, we are preparing a new website for launch in mid-2015 and a pair of educational videos to enable cooperatives to better understand the requirements for designing a loan project, and for other alternative finance organizations to replicate our methods and principles.
We have also confirmed the award of new funds from the Argentine government's microcredit program, which will enable us to expand our reach to more cooperatives and more loans in the 2nd half of 2014.
Our work with the Red Gráfica (the network of recovered factories from the printing sector) continues to benefit its member cooperatives, as our fund managing services allow them to make more efficient use of their common funds.
We continue to participate in many events and meetings in our sector, to give more visibility to the strengths and lessons of the cooperative model and our own alternative financial model.
Our sibling organizations in Nicaragua and the United States continue to inspire and inform our own work, as we strengthen our communications between the three branches.
And we are meeting new cooperatives every month that add to our target population, as we continue to work with our old acquaintances and meet new partners in our goal of creating better jobs and a more fair economy in Argentina.
So we look forward to being able to present all this activity in a brand-new, more dynamic and attractive website over the next month. See you there!

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