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Formerly unemployed,
these workers
shattered the myths
of the global economic
system and outperformed
their former

They and their colleagues
have become owners,
and they've proven the
world can work

The Working World: La Base Is Helping Them Do It

Development through democracy:
The next evolution in microcredit

La Base is extending the tools of microlending to groups of worker-owners, allowing us to assault the sweatshop economy in a way never before possible.

With small amounts of credit, La Base is helping other workers like these show that a better world is already possible.

Featured Loan
Project with Desde el Pie
Loan for the purchase of shoe soles to respond to a series of large orders that have been accumulating in the coop, and for which an unusually large working capital is needed. Furthermore, these orders must be prepared immediately, as the clients are in a rush.
October 7, 2008

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Latest Events

April 20th, 2012: A week-long internal debate and planning session
At La Base Argentina, we decided to take the last week of March exclusively for a planning session focusing on the steps we need to take to take the organization to a new level of activity, resources, personnel, visiblity and lending capacity. It was, as expected, a very intense week, in which no aspect of our work was left unexamined. Several collective decisions have come out of that week, which we will be communicating and implementing as the workload allows.
One of the main goals is to incorporate two new members in june, one in administration and one to strengthen the loan agent team, and then a further agent in september.
Our interest rate will be updated to the inflation rates and our expenses, but we will not be deciding that new rate unilaterally: in line with our policy of transparency and participation, we will consult with key cooperative members so that the final rate comes out of consensus and mutual understanding.
We will also be applying to several possible sources of funding, as time allows.
We also decided to set time aside each week to focus on institutional work and implementing the goals decided during the week, and concentrate our attention to coops in our office in the last two days of the work week.
We are very enthusiastic with the new plan we have set for ourselves and believe that La Base Argentina will come out of it as a stronger, more sustainable organization with increased impact in the creation of democratic work.

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